About Angie

Angie HP



Feel good ambassador

My name

Many of you will know me as Andrea Harris-Poddi, which is a name that has served me well for a long time. A name with ties to the old and the new – from birth through to marriage and beyond.

My persona

With the launch of Che Bella by Amarcord Photography it’s the perfect time to bring my most true self to the party. Privately, Angie is the name I have used for many many years. It is the name that makes me feel most myself, which aligns nicely with this new adventure.

My experience

As a photographer with over 20 years experience I have found that what I love most is connecting with people and making them feel good about themselves. Photographs are easily taken when people feel confident and happy.

My why

In this selfie obsessed world it saddens me that everyone is so hard on themselves. Negative talk leads to negative thought, which perpetuates the cycle.

Imagine what we can all achieve if we feel good about ourselves?

With this in mind I was compelled to create Che Bella.

What does Che Bella mean?

Che Bella
ke bel·la

‘How beautiful’

– Visual beauty
– Spiritual beauty
– An expression of delight, joy or satisfaction

And to me, it is the expression of the soul

My joy

Che bella is my passion project. I’ve been moving towards it for years now, without realising it.

My joy is to help others shine a light on themselves. To help them reconnect and discover how wonderful they are.

This is what I am meant to do. Photography is just the beginning

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